about BARAKA

Holistic beauty brand

※Holistic beauty is to focus on the proper care and treatment of our mind and body, nourishing ourself not only from the outside, but from the inside as well.


We believe...

We aim to harmonize the modern women's skin, body, and heart, with BARAKA's products that can also be thoroughly enjoyed through our five senses.


We carefully select the finest quality of natural ingredients, focusing on the subtlety to the skin, domestic production, and simple prescription; creating products which give careful consideration to both the people and the environment.


Baraka translates to “Gift of God” in Arabic. Our aim is to awaken the beauty that resides within all women, and through our products, encourage happiness and fulfillment upon everyday life.


BARAKA was founded by Stella Kaoruko in June 2015, based on the idea of “Trinity Care”: representing the 1. skin 2. body and 3. heart of a woman as the Trinity. Our products are produced from sacred, holy lands all around the world, concentrating on the richest and rarest ingredients to be delivered directly to our customers.

Message from FOUNDER

〜 God's gift from the world's most sacred places 〜

A lifestyle brand born from Stella Kaoruko's journey of life, travel, healing, and enlightenment.

There was once someone who told me that life is a journey.

I also think of life as a big journey. And each person has different journeys in their life.

Like glorious mountains that stands tall and still, there are also deep valleys created from erosion.

As an astrologer I have been giving spiritual advice more than 20,000 people to their past, and watched their journey to the future.

I have travelled all over the world, experienced the privilege to guide many people, increasing the bookmark of my journey one by one in my memory.

In order to continue the rich and wonderful journey of life, I believe it is essential to stay healthy. I was once forced to endure a very difficult path due to a heavy illness, and it was then that I understood a life change was necessary. Since then, I’ve had many encounters: the lotus flowers blooming in Hakusen Pond from Korea, salt from the Dead Sea in Jordan, and frankincense from Oman...

These various encounters have shaped into one form, and the BARAKA brand was born.

The most important passport to a wonderful journey is yourself.

And our brand, BARAKA, promises to support the journey for you to shine.